With local dealer

PICTURED ABOVE: Mark Smith, head greenkeeper at Phoenix Sports and Leisure Club

Phoenix Sports and Leisure Club has secured £200,000 worth of new Toro equipment in the club’s first ever lease deal with local dealer Cheshire Turf Machinery

The multi-sport complex located in Rotherham houses golf courses, football pitches, bowling greens and more and when the time came to replace its existing fleet to be used across all its playing surfaces, they decided that a lease package was the most cost-effective solution.

Mark Smith, head greenkeeper, who manages a team of six, explained, “Leasing is something that is new to us as a club. Until now we’ve bought outright, when we’ve needed things. This was the first time we’ve decided to just clear the cutting fleet and start again, which we’ve been able to do with the lease package.

"Normally we wouldn’t be able to replace all of the machines in one go, so you end up having equipment that is 10 years old and when you start having problems with it you have to argue your case for a new machine. With a lease package, that’s not really the case. When the lease is up, it’s accepted you replace it.”

Mark continued, “When it came time to choose a new fleet, it was between the two big brands. The price point of the lease deal was a huge reason behind why we chose Toro, but so was the fact that we’re so familiar with the brand and everyone on the team knows how to use them so not as much training was needed, we could get them straight on the turf."

The deal was brought about through Tony Dodson from Cheshire Turf Machinery who is also a member of Phoenix Sports and Leisure Club. He said, “It’s great seeing Toro out on the course, and knowing the quality of the machines it’s a pleasure ensuring my club is in good hands.”

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