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DLF have announced the completion of a £3.5m investment programme to increase production efficiency and meet market demand across the domestic, landscape and sports turf sectors.

The company says the introduction of new mixing plant technology known as ‘Titan’ to the breeding centre in Inkberrow, Worcestershire, promises to both continue and improve seed quality, increase capacity and play a huge part in supporting the growth of their UK operations. 

Parent company to many sports seed brands including Johnsons Sports Seed, MM and Masterline, alongside leading wild flower ranges Pro Flora and Colour Boost, DLF has undertaken major redevelopment over the last few years to benefit customers and company alike. ‘Titan’ is a new mixing plant technology which they say will more than double the production capability and provide higher in-season capacity and efficiency.

Titan is equipped with 48 seed bins of seven cubic metres, which can hold up to 3 tonnes of seed depending on the species. The pneumatic closed system can input 12 tonnes per hour, and output 6 tonnes per hour from bins to mixers, significantly improving line efficiency through automation. The rotary valves, diverter valves and connecting pipes of ‘Titan’ are all self-cleaning which means that, alongside DLF’s ‘star cleaner’, seed purity is optimised and contamination during the mixing process is eliminated.   

The bespoke control software is also fully integrated with DLF’s operating system, bringing new enhancements to ordering and availability and ensuring optimal supply during peak seasons. 

Commenting on the investment, DLF director of operations UK Martin Swinnerton said, “Titan promises to be a fantastic asset for DLF and in turn our leading sports turf ranges. We have experienced unprecedented demand for product across our portfolio in recent years and with this technology we can output more products to keep up with demand levels and thereby help us to satisfy both new and existing customers by guaranteeing not only a fast but reliable supply chain.”

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