BIGGA poses the question

BIGGA has launched an industry-wide survey that aims to quantify information relating to a perceived ‘crisis’ within the greenkeeping and wider golfing sector.
The Association says that anecdotal evidence suggests that golf clubs are struggling to fill available vacancies, particularly in the greenkeeping department. Reasons generally put forward for this they say, include the requirement to work anti-social hours, lack of appreciation and a relatively low entry salary. 
BIGGA believe this survey is crucial as it is "vital the scale of the challenge is quantified", as well as the key drivers for the issues. Effective golf club staff are critical to the health and growth of the sport as they strongly influence the experience of golfers on a day-to-day basis.
As BIGGA seeks to fulfil its overarching ambition of creating a more positive working environment for the UK’s greenkeepers, they hope the hard data from the survey will enable them to positively guide the broader golf industry.
Head greenkeepers, course managers and other members of the turf management team at golf clubs are invited to complete the survey. Only one response is required per golf club. The survey can be completed online.
BIGGA has requested the support of partner organisations with regards this research and will publish the results in full when the periods for submissions has closed.
BIGGA Chief Executive Officer Jim Croxton said, “With the ongoing cost of living crisis at the forefront of our minds and the COVID-19 pandemic having caused many people to consider their priorities, the golf industry faces a very real challenge to engage sufficient staff at club level, to effectively deliver the sport to the nation’s five million regular golfers.

"Participation in the sport is booming at just the time that recruiting and retaining greenkeeping staff is at its most challenging. It is vital the golf industry - utilising real data - considers positive solutions to the ongoing labour issues.
“We encourage all our members to respond to this survey, which we believe will benefit all greenkeepers and golf club staff.”

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