Headed up by Paul Thompson

Derby County Football Club recently won the Sky Bet League One’s 2022/23 Grounds Team of the Season.

Head groundsperson, Paul Thompson, has been the club for 15 years and now oversees the maintenance of the pitch at Pride Park Stadium and the Moor Farm Training Ground. He oversees a team of 12 members of staff, who all worked tirelessly to produce the best quality playing surface in Sky Bet League One. 

Paul says choosing the correct products to apply to the pitch played a part in their success and has revealed how products from Mansfield Sand have always had a place in their maintenance programme. 

“Ever since I’ve worked at Derby County, we have always used Mansfield Sand products,” he said. “My two predecessors used the products and I saw no reason to change at all.

“Throughout the playing season at the stadium we use the kiln dried sand - DM40, and for renovations we use MM40 sports turf sand. We also use MM40 across the 12 pitches at the training ground.”

Paul continued, “We always keep a couple of tonnes of DM40 on site, so it is there when we need it, but we tend to apply 10 tonnes in November, and another 10 tonnes in January to the stadium pitch. 

"We have a SISGrass hybrid system, and the kiln dried sand helps dilute any of the algae build up on top of the surface. It also helps with the playability and drainage."

“The company is local to us, they are reliable and always on the phone if we need them,” Paul explained. “If I need a product as soon as possible then they are always quick to help us out. I normally speak to Sharon Morris (Mansfield Sand Sales Manager) and she will often come out and have a look round.

"She will also do soil samples as and when we need them, so we know what materials we are putting on."

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