Aiming at trade-only

Hallstone, part of the Rolawn group, have announced they are taking steps to more effectively support landscaping professionals with a newly-launched trade-only offering. 

After acquiring Hallstone in 2010 with the aim of providing the UK market with sustainable, fit-for-purpose landscaping products, Rolawn has now announced the relaunch of the brand in a move that will shift focus to see Hallstone become a supplier dedicated to trade, with its products now only available through stockists. 

The company says having intentionally chosen to enhance its trade offering at a time when many in the industry are facing challenges, from supply chain issues to rising costs, they are confident they can help support their customers. By sourcing, rigorously testing and screening, Hallstone say they are able to offer landscaping supplies, including topsoil, bark, compost, and turf, to those in the industry with the intention of delivering a reliable, competitively priced service that landscapers and gardening professionals can depend on. 

Ken Brewster, marketing director for the Rolawn group said, “Relaunching Hallstone is an important step for us in ensuring that we are moving in the right direction for our loyal trade customer-base. As with any development at Rolawn, we have looked at the future of the market and believe that this is the best way that we can provide support in the current climate and for the foreseeable future."

As part of the relaunch, substantial investment has been made to Hallstone's brand development, including a new logo and website, which have been designed to create a more ‘trade-friendly’ appeal. In addition, a complete overhaul of the website, social media and marketing plan have been undertaken to help ensure its products remain front of mind and to increase the likelihood of sales and profitability for all Hallstone’s business customers.

Hallstone will not sell directly online, instead the non-transactional website will drive customers to trade stockists. This decision has been taken to help build stockists’ confidence in the brand and so trade customers receive the best prices possible when purchasing Hallstone landscaping products.

Ken Brewster added, "We’re looking forward to demonstrating the benefits of Hallstone to stockists and merchants, from the cost and reliability to broader issues that could positively impact their businesses, including our ethical sourcing and manufacturing processes.” 

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