Praise from head of grounds

Norwich City FC have recently added a third Infinicut SM34 rotary mower to their fleet at Carrow Road, with head of grounds, Adam Grantham, saying that the delivery in June 2023, has improved efficiency when it comes to the post-match cut.

Initially using a pair of Infinicuts primarily for debris clearance and the post-match clean-up cut, Adam says he could see the possibilities a third SM34 could bring to the efficiency of operations, with the latest machine delivered in time for the start of the new season.

“The trio have become a big part of our preparations as we move through the week," he said, "particularly during periods where we want to let the pitch ‘be’ for a little while - cutting with the rotaries to remove quantity ahead of a final cut with the cylinders.”

Adam continued, “Post match training is quite a regular thing here at Norwich so frequently the team and I are having to wait close to an hour following the end of a match before we can get on and cut. This extra machine not only knocks 20 minutes off the job but now means we can each go a bit slower to achieve a really clean, crisp finish.”

He concluded, “Normally you get speed or finesse with a machine, but rarely both. With the SM34’s we can tick those boxes to the benefit of my team and the pitch quality alike.” 

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