Steep increase seen in need for its support

With Perennial’s impact on people’s lives revealed as greater than ever, the charity helping people in horticulture is calling for the industry to help sustain its community.

The charity says their 2022 Impact Report and recent figures show the pressing need for its services across the industry. 24,000 preventative services and activities were delivered last year, with 1,895 people and their families receiving direct personal support to improve their lives.

During the first half of 2023, Perennial say they provided services to 1,184 people, compared to 897 in the first half of 2022. This steep increase of 31% highlights the urgent need for increased support for Perennial’s work from the industry.

Perennial say their vision is for all those who work with plants, trees, flowers or grass to know about Perennial and how it can help. The charity relies on and is grateful to those demonstrating a commitment to support the horticultural community and invest in its future. In 2022:

  • 123 businesses were part of Perennial’s Partner Scheme contributing £93k worth of funding.
  • Four major wholesale nurseries collaborated to form Plants for Perennial. The joint initiative is an example of how businesses can work together to raise funds and awareness through plant sales.
  • 45 businesses supported employees through Perennial’s mental health first aiders’ pilot scheme that was launched to create a culture of mental wellbeing in the workplace.
  • 700 trade show visitors monitored their health using Perennial's health kiosk, blood pressure checks and grip strength tests.

Perennial’s chief executive Peter Newman said, “This report highlights our impact on thousands of lives in 2022 thanks in large measure to our generous supporters and volunteers. We help those facing challenging times as well as providing advice and guidance to prevent small issues from becoming big problems. We enable people to be more in control of their health, financial and social wellbeing. With dedicated online resources, tools and apps alongside our one-on-one support services, we aim to offer something of benefit to everyone within the UK’s horticultural community and ask the industry to show its support and help us spread the word.”

The charity believes a better quality of life is within reach for everyone in horticulture. Through its services surrounding health and wellbeing, networks and financial wellbeing Perennial pledge they will continue to improve lives.

They say the horticulture industry can help by spreading the word about Perennial and by raising funds to support its work.

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