Taking on closed dealership's staff

ABA Groundcare based in the South West of England have expanded once again with another new depot opened recently on Woodward Road, Tiverton.

Following the closure of MST's former Devon agricultural dealership in 2022 due to cash flow issues, Jamie Hutchings, the owner of ABA Groundcare says he seized the opportunity to expand his business and opened up a branch in Tiverton.  

Jamie said, “We established the business in 2014 in Dorchester. We built up in that region and then looked to expand. I got to know Scott Struthers from MST and dealt and traded with him regularly. I offered him a job many times, but he always said no. Then we heard what was happening with MST and stepped in and offered five former members of the staff including Scott, a job at our new premises in Tiverton, totalling over 200 years experience.”

He added that employing skilled staff was an issue in every trade, and he was thankful that he could find five skilled new members willing to carry on working together.

“It was an easy decision to make,” he said. “They wanted to stay together working and very quickly decided they were happy to join my company."

The Tiverton branch now offers servicing and parts, supply of garden machinery, agricultural vehicles, and quad bikes from the likes of Stihl, Yamaha, Husqvarna and Stiga, alongside specialist ISEKI ground care kit.

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