With Eden Reforestation Projects

EGO say they partnered with the Eden Reforestation Projects last year with the aim of planting as many trees as possible.

Fast forward to now, and customers of the battery-powered equipment specialist can say that they have helped contribute to the thousands of trees that the global environmental initiative has planted in the manufacturer's name.

The Eden Reforestation Projects plant millions of trees each month across its global restoration network spanning regions such as Latin America and South-East Asia. The scheme says that not only are they helping the environment, but they are also providing local communities living in extreme poverty with the opportunities to become economically self-sufficient and earn fair wages.

Eden has different partnership levels, depending on the number of trees that have been planted. EGO began its partnership with Eden at the Sapling level, and with the support of its customers and regular donations, has moved up to the Grove level in just over 12 months.

Steve Roskell, director of marketing (EMEA) for EGO, said, “Our commitment to fighting climate change and leaving this world in a healthy state for future generations is important to us, and so partnering with such an incredible charity who shares the same values is crucial. We are thrilled to announce that we are officially a Grove level partner with Eden Reforestation Projects, and we would like to extend thanks to our loyal customers, who helped us make our biggest donation to the charity so far.”

EGO launched their Challenge 2025 campaign in 2020 that aims to "educate and empower people to make batteries the principal power source for outdoor power equipment."

Steve added, “We are very proud of our work with Eden as not only does it build on the success of Challenge 2025, but the two projects are very much working towards a similar goal, which is to create a greener and safer world for years to come. Having seen what we can achieve in only one year of partnership, we are very excited to see what more work can be done.”

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