First club in region to use battery machine

An all-electric ride-on has arrived in East Anglia for the first time as Sheringham Golf Course has become the first club in the area to purchase Toro’s all-electric eTriFlex 3370 riding greensmower. 

Course manager Ricky Goodman says that sustainability is top of the club's agenda. Currently in his fourth year at the Norfolk club, Ricky made his bid for new Toro machinery when he arrived, and the board supported the move once they understood the benefits this change would bring.

Ricky says, “I shared my plans and ideas for the course and how bringing Toro in would benefit the course and with finance through distributor Reesink available, I got their backing. Clubs in Norfolk, including this one, are known for using a specific brand of turfcare machinery and our club was ready to move on and set itself apart, all it needed was a little push. 

“We’re focusing on many sustainable initiatives this year and using lithium-ion battery-power for cutting our greens spearheads them all. The all-electric eTriFlex 3370 ticks so many boxes and solves many issues. There’s no noise pollution which means we can start mowing earlier without disturbing the residents we have bordering the back of the club and we no longer need to worry about oil spills on the greens, which causes incredible damage.” 

In addition to this, Ricky explains how the club is using solar panels to create its own energy and is replacing plastic tees with biodegradable wooden ones instead. Irrigation is a top priority, both supply and storage given the recent draught and Ricky is “looking into water storage and capture for irrigation for the paths and fairways”, alongside construction works, including levelling tees that are 100 years old. Ricky is also cutting back on the nutrients in the greens to help preserve more sustainable species.

Ricky continued saying, "All-electric mowers are the talk of the industry, and discussion on their benefits has influenced other clubs to go green as well. We’ve had a lot of interest in ours - the local contractor mechanics have asked to borrow it for training, getting to know the machine and preparing for how the market will be progressing. It won’t be long before every golf course will want one.”

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