Following industry Ukraine Initiative

TurfPro has made contributions on behalf of the industry to two further organisations who are offering assistance to Ukrainians.

Following our industry partners raising £4000 in April, last week we announced support of Project Linus - and now we have unearthed two further locally-based schemes that we know from personal experience will directly benefit from the industry's generosity. 

Firstly a proportion was given to Animal Couriers who are offering resources to Ukrainian pet owners who are relocating to the UK - and to the UK sponsors of Ukrainian families. 

Pictured above is TurfPro owner Duncan Murray-Clarke (right) meeting Ray from Animal Couriers at Dover docks on Tuesday this week, who was delivering a refugee family alongside their dog and cat.

Duncan said, "Animal Couriers did this collection free of charge, so we are making a donation out of the Ukrainian fund raised by industry members to support them. They are another organisation showing real kindness."

Also receiving a donation were Trowbridge Homes for UK, who are doing marvellous work with supplies for Ukraine and transporting Ukrainians.

In a statement they said, "We are bringing back refugees on a weekly basis as well as taking supplies out to the Ukrainian border. We are delighted with the donation through TurfPro and it will really help.

"Many thanks, Simon Beck and Christine Holden."

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