Show set for the NEC

Organisers of the SALTEX exhibition, the GMA have released a statement saying they are confident they will be able to stage a safe and successful event next spring.

Geoff Webb, CEO of the Grounds Management Association, says he believes that the exhibition will be a huge first step towards the industry’s recovery.

“We believe that there comes a point where we lay the foundations for recovery and we of course want SALTEX in March to be a catalyst for this to showcase products, demonstrate the innovation this industry possesses, engage, network, renew acquaintances and generate new business for our exhibitors," he said. "In fact, we are making every provision to build assurance for a positive ‘return on investment’ for our exhibitors.”

In an official statement the GMA recognised that there may be "potential protocols" in place as a direct result of Covid-19. They went to say how they believe that SALTEX is in the "safest and most professional of hands".

Geoff Webb explained, "The National Exhibition Centre is one of the foremost venues in the UK and as such is at the heart of discussions as to how to run events safely and securely. The GMA has also taken advantage of its membership with the Association of Exhibition Organisers, who are closely working with the Events Owners Association, the Association of Event Venues, and the Event Suppliers and Services Association – which covers almost every facet of the events industry, looking at the impact of the pandemic globally, as well as the UK from an events management perspective. We’re very proud to have established these excellent working relationships and it has allowed us to learn from others, network, and input into the guidance now issued and being supported and used by Government.

“The events sector is holding some pilot exhibitions over the coming weeks to detail the best procedures to ensure exhibitions are the best possible environments for staff, exhibitors, and visitors alike. Learning from these pilots will be addressed. In the meantime, we are currently mapping out several scenarios based on restrictions that may be in place in Spring 2021, so the event runs safely and efficiently, while creating a positive experience for both visitors and exhibitors.

“We have a very experienced team, who with the NEC, I am confident can stage a safe and successful event in the Spring next year.”

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