With every ATV sold

A free helmet will be given to all new ATV owners by the UK's biggest Honda motorcycle dealer and a supplier of ATVs, Doble Motorcycles, in support of the National Association of Agricultural Contractor’s (NAAC#WearItandShareIt campaign to get everyone to ride safer and wear a helmet.

The NAAC has raised the question of why anyone would choose to ride or deliberately send a worker or family member out on a job with a sit-astride ATV, with no helmet, knowing there is a real and proven risk of loss of life, which could easily be reduced by using a helmet.
Commenting, Jill Hewitt, NAAC chief xxecutive, said, "We are delighted that Doble Motorcycles has taken the initiative to make everyone safer. In the last five years, ATVs were involved in 14 deaths in agriculture- the most significant cause of deaths involving moving vehicles in our industry. There is a need to take positive action to help prevent such incidents, and Dobles is being proactive to try and save lives.
"We need a shift in attitude to ensure that every time anyone gets on a sit-astride ATV, they automatically put a helmet on. Doble's action will help remove any excuses."
Philip Stewart of Doble Motorcycles said, "We are honoured to unite with the NAAC's #WearItandShareIt initiative, advocating for riders to wear helmets while riding ATVs. Honda ATVs represent a small part of the backbone of the agricultural sector, playing a pivotal role in day-to-day operations. However, the true heartbeat of the industry is the individuals who are riding the machines and we want them to be safe while carrying out their vital work. We encourage every rider to make sure they are fully trained in how to operate these fantastic machines, and furthermore we are delighted to offer a high-quality helmet with every purchase of a new Honda ATV."
The NAAC stress that simply wearing a helmet will not keep everyone fully protected and it is vitally important to ensure that anyone riding an ATV is competent and trained to handle the machine.

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