Benefits green space

Kubota has a long term partnership with Thomley, and has recently installed its latest G261 ride-on rotary mower to help the three-man maintenance team keep this green and pleasant space pristine.

Thomley is described as a special place in rural Oxfordshire, where the great outdoors brings together disabled and non-disabled children and adults to develop life skills and fulfil their potential.

Founded in 1997 by parents of children with autism and other complex needs and registered as charity in 2001, Thomley’s eight-acre site near Thame delivers a programme of activities throughout the year from sports and outdoor play to creative pursuits and life skills.

In the grounds there’s a football pitch, playground equipment designed for the needs of disabled users, and one kilometre cycle track suitable for bicycles, tricycles and go karts. A new sensory garden has been created, and there are plans for a woodland area. 

“Grounds maintenance is just one of our tasks, so having the Kubota mower makes a big difference,” explains David Francis, who heads up the team. “It takes about 10 hours to cut the whole grassed area, and there are different requirements according to its use.”

The football pitch, mini football and golf course fairways require the high level of presentation.

“I tend to cut those areas first and then it’s a quick job to raise the deck and top some of the longer areas. We also like to cut paths through long grass for the children to enjoy exploring, or produce a tidy area for camping.”

Kubota tractor business unit marketing manager Rob Edwards, added, “We have supported the Thomley Hall Centre for several years now. Thomley was identified though the employee forum several years ago as a deserving community organisation to support, and continues to be a key partner in the programme of Kubota community support activities undertaken in the surrounding area to our Thame head office. We are very pleased to continue our association with the loan of the very latest G261 ride on mower.”

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