To bring info to pro and domestic customers

The Lawn Association has announced that they have now partnered together with Modern Lawn Care, to bring a host of information to the home and professional lawn care sector.

The Lawn Association was founded when the chairman, David Hedges Gower, noted that there was a lack of accurate and modern lawn care knowledge that was available not only to the home gardener but also to those in a professional capacity. To this end, the association say there were born to offer a knowledge base where gardening enthusiasts could glean all the information needed to achieve the best results when tending their lawns.

Modern Lawn Care is a treatment and consultancy service, for creating beautiful lawns. The team say they know that working with and not against nature is the key when it comes to lawn care. They aim to provide the foundation for lawns by improving soil structure and adopting practices that allow natural grasses to thrive. Organic feeds are also used to aid lawns and protect the environment. 

A spokesperson for Modern Lawn Care said, "We are a proud partner of the Lawn Association and have been fully trained by David Hedges Gower, who is also our company consultant. We are the first company within the UK to have fully trained staff with certification from the Lawn Association and look forward to working together with them to provide a sustainable knowledge base to enhance our customer's lawns."

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