In first year

The arrival of Star EV, a global electric utility vehicles manufacturer, in the UK has achieved nationwide dealer coverage in its first year.

Reesink e-Vehicles, the UK distributor for the brand, has confirmed there are eight dealers stocking the vehicles alongside the company’s branches, meaning a total of 12 outlets are stockists in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

Dave French, sales manager for Reesink e-Vehicles, said, “The response to the Star EV brand and the range of electric transport options it brings to the UK has surpassed expectation. We knew it would prove popular, as electric vehicles are a hot topic, but people have responded particularly favourably to Reesink e-vehicles, and Star EV as a brand. 

“Like us, dealers have recognised the market for all-electric products is buoyant, as is the range of customers they appeal to. In a year we’ve seen customers from golf clubs, sports stadiums, holiday/caravan parks, private schools and estates all invest in Star EV, appreciative of the good mileage per charge, on-board charging and extensive warranty they bring.”

The dealers offering Star EV are:

Alongside Reesink Scotland, Reesink Burwell (East Anglia and Midlands), Reesink Sheffield Park (South East) and Reesink South West and Midlands.

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