Replace mower fleet

Committed to reducing their carbon footprint, SISGrass has replaced their fleet of petrol cylinder mowers with Dennis Mowers' battery-powered E-Series.

SISGrass offers hybrid playing surfaces throughout the world. 

“We originally partnered with Dennis back in 2015,” explained Phil Blackwell, director at SISGrass. “We started out with three Dennis G860 cylinder mowers which accompanied our own machines as we travelled around the world delivering and installing our hybrid systems." The company soon increased their fleet of mowers to seven Dennis G860’s.

Phil explained the company's thoughts on deciding to further embrace sustainable and green principles, saying, “Over the past few years as SISGrass has developed and progressed, we have strived to reduce the reliability on hydraulics and engines – and the move to electric power is now the next step.

“We were aware of the new Dennis E-Series and had many discussions with Toby Clarke whilst they were in development. Last year we were fortunate to have one on trial for a few days and had great success. The mowers are fantastic to use, and the finish and quality of the machine is second to none.

“We quickly decided to replace all seven Dennis G860’s with their battery-powered alternatives – the ES-860’s.” 
Toby Clarke said, “We are delighted to be working alongside SISGrass who are growing year on year – long may that continue."

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