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Husqvarna has announced they are launching a complete product range that supports the Power for All battery system.

The manufacturer's Aspire range includes a robotic mower, walk behind mower, grass trimmer, pruner, hedge trimmer and blower.

The Power for All Alliance is described as one of the world's largest cross-brand battery alliances and was co-founded by Husqvarna Group, through its Gardena brand, and Bosch in 2020. The Husqvarna brand joined the Power for All Alliance in 2022, meaning consumers can use the same 18V battery for multiple devices in and around their home and garden, regardless of manufacturer. 

Pavel Hajman, acting CEO of Husqvarna Group said, “Electrification is changing society and is essential in the transition to a low-carbon economy. Husqvarna Group is on an electrification journey with great ambitions to enable garden owners to shift from fossil fuel to battery-powered products. Successful collaborations and powerful batteries really make a difference in this progress."

The Husqvarna Group has said that shifting from petrol to battery-powered products is one of their strategic priorities. They say their ambition is to have 67% of the company's motorised products run on electricity by 2026.

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