Wildlife friendly

Landscape, the industry trade show, along with The Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust and the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust have announced the launch of the Wildlife Friendly Garden Design in a Pot Competition.

The competition invites talented designers from all walks of life to submit their innovative and environmentally conscious garden designs that can be realised in a pot. By that the organisers mean using planters, window boxes or containers - making space for nature in an urban environment where natural features are scarce.

A spokesperson explained, "We are looking for creative and practical ideas that can inspire people to create their own, using features from your design. 

"This exciting challenge not only showcases the endless possibilities of compact garden design but also encourages participants to prioritise wildlife conservation in their creations. By creating spaces that harmoniously coexist with nature, these designs will serve as inspiring examples of sustainable landscaping. The winning professional designer will have the exclusive chance to see their imaginative creation become a reality at Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust’s Centre of the Earth education centre in Birmingham."

The competition will culminate at Landscape 2023 at the NEC on the 27th & 28th of September, where the winning designs will be prominently showcased. The display will allow attendees to appreciate the creativity, craftsmanship and eco-consciousness of the designers, while providing a platform for winners to gain recognition. 

To learn more about the brief and how to submit your entry visit here. The deadline for entries is Friday 25th August 2023.

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