Professionals asked to contribute

As part of their research and sustainable seed programme, DLF are inviting turf professionals around the country to participate in a short survey to identify the variety and prevalence of fungal turf disease activity.

The company says input is required from all areas of fine and sports turf management, with the results helping to shape future developments of more tolerant seed varieties. 

With the altering climate and changes to maintenance practices, DLF say there is a fear that new fungal diseases could appear or that known ones could become a more serious threat to turf quality. Therefore, to fully understand the current situation and provide solutions to the new challenges on the horizon, the company would like to hear from professionals on their experience of recent disease activity. Feedback is sought from golf courses, winter sports facilities, schools/community surfaces, racecourses, polo grounds, amenity spaces and turf producers.

Link to the survey here.

DLF say that findings from ther previous trials are already proving pivotal in the field, including the identification of 4turf and diploid perennial ryegrass varieties with enhanced tolerance to Brown Patch

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