London date at Arsenal soon

The Amenity Forum is currently running its series of Updating Events across the UK.

One of these is to be held at Arsenal FC's stadium on March 9th and will contain important briefing information on topical issues as well as forthcoming policy change. As well as being events to receive information, the Forum says they also act as opportunities for those attending to contribute their views and influence matters.

In a statement, the Amenity Forum said, "In terms of weed, pest and disease management, significant policy change is afoot. With our withdrawal from the EU, new regulations are emerging regarding the approval and use of plant protection products. In addition a new UK National Action Plan is soon to be issued setting out the requirements going forward. We already know that this will have a major focus on integrated management approaches and greater enforcement and standards. Then there is the implementation of the Official Controls (Plant Protection Products) Regulations 2020 (OCR). This has already legally required all suppliers of plant protection products (PPPs) to register their locations and stock carried. From June 2022, such a legal responsibility will also apply to all users of PPPs backed up by increased inspection and enforcement.

"Representatives from UK and national governments will be in attendance and thus the events provide excellent opportunity for you to express your views and thoughts direct to them."

The Forum says if you are involved in, or have an interest in, the amenity sector, contact Kate at  to book your free place. 

Upcoming events:

  • London, 9th March
  • Throws Farm, Essex, 17th March   
  • Belfast, 23rd March   
  • Edinburgh, 4th March       
  • Cardiff (online), 16th February

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