Reconditioning bunkers

PICTURED ABOVE: Reesink’s Peter Cornwall (left) and Lewes Golf Club course manager, Tim Brewster (right), with the club’s new Groundsmaster

East Sussex-based Lewes Golf Club have brought in a small fleet of Toro machinery to help with its winter development project, the first goal of which will be to recondition eight of the club’s 11 bunkers.

Course manager, Tim Brewster, says he has big plans to execute this winter, hence he's brought in a fleet comprising a Groundsmaster 3500 and 4500, Reelmaster 3575, TriFlex 3420, and Workman HDX - with the assistance of Reesink.

Tim said, “In total, we have 11 bunkers. Last year, we revamped three, so that means eight more to do this winter. While we’re a relatively small team, it’s a fairly big job. However, with the new Workman HDX, we’re now best placed to complete it. We can put a top dresser on it, load it up with sand and top-up bunkers with ease. It’s going to be a huge help when we begin the bunker revamp project this winter.”

Tim continued, “Every green is different. Some are built on clay; others have four inches of root zone and chalk or a ballast mix of soil and sand. The diversity makes it interesting for golfers, but it also affects how we look after the course. Each green dries and drains at different rates, so we have to treat each on an individual basis. It’s a unique groundskeeping experience. 

“Reesink’s advice and customer service throughout the process was fantastic. When we started looking for a new fleet, we came up with a checklist that covered various factors (quality, fuel consumption, and comfortability, for instance) and we sampled lots of brands from various retailers. Needless to say, Reesink and Toro came out on top!”

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