Amenity Forum publish Annual Report

The Amenity Forum has published its Annual Report for 2021 that covers the year up to the end of July this year.

Whilst a report on activities, it also provides information on how the sector has progressed in meeting UK targets and identifies key issues all are facing.

Writing in the Report, the Forum’s independent chairman, Professor John Moverley OBE said, "Even without the implications of the pandemic, this has certainly been another year full of change, challenge and opportunity for the Forum. There is much going on at policy level with the UK Government finalising its review of the National Action Plan and a further review of pesticide policy ongoing.

"The Forum is fully contributing to the process where requested and appropriate with UK and national governments and indeed all involved in policy making and implementation."
The report shows that the Forum continues to respond to a wide range of consultations and has been fully engaged with partners and all stakeholders dealing with the implications of the pandemic. The role of amenity managers during this time has been essential maintaining transport networks, parks and more. 

John continues, "It is important to ensure the debate is not an either or but based on an integrated approach making use of all the tools available in the most effective way. The year has also seen the debate widened to take account of the environmental costs of different approaches particularly in determining carbon sums from the various methods employed. Out of change inevitably comes challenge - but the professional amenity sector is robust and ready. There is much to be proud of in the professionalism of our sector."

 The report identifies that some  key priorities in the year have been in assisting everyone engaged to further develop integrated management approaches, promoting the sector wide Amenity Standard and to significantly increasing communications both to the public and within the sector.

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