Why employers should advertise the salary when recruiting new staff

Mike Chappell, owner, Chappell Enterprises UK, writes . . .

In the competitive landscape of today's job market, employers must adopt strategies that attract top talent and provide transparency. One effective strategy that has gained considerable attention is the practice of advertising the salary in job postings. This approach not only benefits job seekers but also provides significant advantages to employers.

Here are several compelling reasons why employers should consider this practice.

  • Attracting the Right Candidates Advertising the salary range upfront helps attract candidates who are genuinely interested in the position. When job seekers know the salary details, they can make an informed decision to apply for the role based on their expectations and needs. This reduces the number of candidates pulling out mid-process and increases the likelihood of attracting suitable candidates who meet the job's requirements and are satisfied with the offered salary.
  • Promoting Transparency and Trust Transparency is a key component of building trust between employers and potential employees. By disclosing the salary range, employers demonstrate openness and honesty, which can enhance their reputation and make them more attractive to high-quality candidates.
  • Reducing Hiring Time and Costs Advertising the salary can streamline the recruitment process, leading to quicker hiring decisions. Candidates who are aware of the salary expectations from the start are more likely to accept job offers without prolonged negotiations. This efficiency reduces the time and resources spent on recruitment, including fewer interviews with candidates who might decline offers due to salary discrepancies.
  • Encouraging Pay Equity Salary transparency can play a critical role in promoting pay equity within organisations. By openly sharing salary ranges, employers can ensure that they are offering competitive and fair compensation. This practice helps in identifying and addressing any pay gaps that may exist, contributing to a more equitable workplace.
  • Enhancing Employer Branding Employers who advertise salaries can enhance their brand as fair and desirable places to work. Job seekers often view companies that are transparent about compensation as more progressive and employee centric. This positive perception can attract not only job applicants but also customers and clients who value corporate responsibility.

Recent Market Research

I recently carried out some polls across various social media groups in the Sportsturf industry. These polls have provided valuable insights into the preferences of job seekers, particularly regarding the transparency of salary information in job postings. This data highlights the increasing demand for salary disclosures and the benefits this practice can bring to both job seekers and employers.

High Demand for Salary Transparency:

According to the research, of 373 respondents, 78% of job seekers answered NO to the question of “Would you apply for job if there was no salary on the advert?” 

This indicates a significant trend towards greater transparency in the job market.

Candidate Perception:

Another poll carried out where I asked, “Why do you think companies do not advertise the salary bracket on their job adverts?” The findings show that 48% of respondents feel the reason the salary is advertised is because the salary on offer is Lower than Average.

35% of respondents think the salary is not advertised because “it’s more than what current staff are being paid” and 13% of respondents believe the reason is the hiring business are “not sure what to pay”.


The results of this market research clearly demonstrate that job seekers highly value salary transparency. Employers who adapt to this trend can expect to attract more applicants, more qualified candidates, gain trust, show transparency, improve the perception of their business, and streamline their hiring processes. Embracing this practice can ultimately contribute to a more positive and effective recruitment experience.

To stay competitive in today's job market, employers should consider implementing salary transparency in their job postings. This approach not only aligns with job seekers' preferences but also offers tangible benefits to the organisation, enhancing overall recruitment efforts and employer branding.


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